Presidential Summits and Agreements

The Meeting of Presidents is the Supreme Organ of the Central American Integration System and is made up by the constitutional Presidents of the Member States. It will be held ordinarily every six months and extraordinarily as the Presidents may decide.

Addressing regional matters in the field of democracy, development, liberty, peace and security corresponds to the Meeting of Presidents. The Meeting of Presidents has the following specific functions:

  • Define and guide the Central American policy, establishing regional integration guidelines as well as the necessary provisions to guarantee the coordination and harmonization of the activities of the bodies and institutions of the area, and verification, control and follow-up of their mandates and decisions.
  • Harmonize the foreign policies of its States.
  • Strengthen the regional identity in the context of the consolidation of a united Central America.
  • Approve, as the case may be, the proposed reforms of this Instrument according to Article 37 thereof.
  • Ensure fulfillment of its obligations contained in the present Instrument and other Agreements, Covenants and Protocols that make up the legal framework of the Central American Integration System.
  • Decide on the admission of new members to the Central American Integration System.

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