SG-SICA in Brief

The General Secretariat is a regional operational body of SICA, established by decision of the Central American presidents in the Tegucigalpa Protocol, with the aim of providing services and offering support and executive capacities to regional integration efforts, particularly in the gradual and progressive construction of the Central American Union. It is through the General Secretariat that international conventions are established.


The purpose of SG-SICA, among other things, is to execute or coordinate the implementation of the mandates arising from the Meetings of Presidents, the Councils of Ministers, and the Executive Committee.


The General Secretariat of the Central American Integration System coordinates, facilitates, and promotes the gradual process of Central American Integration through the adoption of common strategies and policies, with the participation of all participants, articulating all the bodies and institutions involved in decision-making in favor of the Central American population.


The General Secretariat of the Central American Integration System is the community body that guides and shares the leadership of the regional integration process towards achieving sustainable development in Central America.


  • To support the integration bodies and institutions and civil society in order to gradually make Central America a "Region of Peace, Freedom, Democracy, and Development" through political, economic, social, cultural, and ecological integration, seeking to strengthen and broaden the participation of the region as a whole in the international arena.

To ensure the global and permanent coordination of SICA's regional institutions in support of quality in the preparation of initiatives for decision-making by the Meeting of Presidents and the Councils of Ministers and the monitoring and compliance of the same; to promote the full participation of civil society in the process of regional integration, as well as communication and information on integration for sustainable development; to support and encourage international cooperation with Central America as a region, as well as exercise other powers as identified by the Tegucigalpa Protocol, the Alliance for Sustainable Development, and other complementary instruments or acts derived therefrom.

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