Functions of the Secretary General
According to Article 26 of the Tegucigalpa Protocol, the functions of the Secretary General are as follows:
  1. Represent the Central American Integration System in the international arena in accordance with the provisions of this Protocol and when called upon to do so by the Council of Ministers;

  2. Execute or coordinate the execution of mandates emanating from the Meeting of Presidents, the Council of Ministers, and the Executive Committee;

  3. Prepare the administrative regulations and other instruments of the General Secretariat and transmit them for consideration by the Executive Committee;

  4. Negotiate and sign, with the approval of the relevant Council of Ministers, international instruments which fall within their spheres of competence, in accordance with the principles and purposes of this Protocol;

  5. Ensure financial and technical cooperation among States, groups of States, organizations, and other international bodies as required for the smooth functioning of the Central American Integration System and the attainment of Central American objectives, and, to that end, sign contracts and agreements and accept donations and other extraordinary contributions;

  6. Prepare a program of work, an annual progress report and the budget estimate, and submit them to the Executive Committee;

  7. Participate as a full member in all bodies of the Central American Integration System and head the permanent secretariat of the Meeting of Presidents, providing secretariat services and other necessary technical and administrative services;

  8. Ensure the implementation of the provisions of this Protocol and of instruments emanating therefrom or additional thereto and the implementation by all regional integration bodies and institutions of decisions of the Meeting of Presidents and the Council of Ministers. To that end, the Secretary General may meet with such bodies and institutions whenever he deems appropriate or is directed to do so by the Executive Committee;

  9. Ensure that Member States make their assessed contributions and extraordinary contributions, if any, to the regular budget;

  10. Appoint and dismiss the technical and administrative staff of the General Secretariat in accordance with the relevant regulations, giving due consideration to the proportional representation of candidates from all Member States;

  11. Direct the attention of the organizations of the System to any situation which, in his view, may affect the pursuit of the principles or purposes of the System and jeopardize its institutional order;

  12. Exercise all other functions entrusted to him under this Protocol or by the executive organs and functions created by instruments additional to or emanating from the Protocol;