Documentation Center - General Secretariat of SICA

The Documentation Center of the General Secretariat of the Central American Integration System is a space intended for consultation, study, and research of the Central American integration process.

Objectives of the Documentation Center
Among the main objectives of the Documentation Center are:

  • Take care of the legal instruments and other documents that result from the management of the various institutions that compose the Central American Integration System.
  • Provide access to information contained in documents it possesses that relate to topics of regional integration.
  • Conserve and protect in optimal physical condition the documents in custody that are part of the historical documentary heritage of SICA.
  • Contribute to the dissemination of information of SICA.
  • Update documents at the Center that are found in the Integrated Portal of SICA for Digital Documentation.

Services available
Among the main services provided by the Documentation Center of the General Secretariat of SICA are:

  • Bibliographic Orientation
  • Assistance is provided to the users to formulate strategies for searches and facilitate the retrieval of documents, books, and other resources to meet their information needs.

  • Consultation of the Center for Digital Documentation Online
  • Consultation of the Digital Documentation Center via the Internet may be made by accessing the specialized section within the integrated portal of SICA, or if you prefer by using enabled computers within the Documentation Center of SICA.

  • Documents for loan in the Reading Room
  • All Users may consult, personally in the reading room of the Documentation Center, documents and other information resources in physical format, except the old documents; because of their historic value, requests are restricted. In such cases, they may be viewed in digital format.

  • Outside Loan
  • Researchers, consulters, and other personnel that work for SG-SICA will be able to make use of this service, in compliance with established policies.

  • Document Reproduction Service
  • Printed documents can be reproduced by photocopying or scanning, except for valuable materials.

  • Certification of Legal Instruments
  • This service is offered to the Foreign Ministry and other member institutions of SICA.

Contact Information

Street address:
Final Bulevar Cancillería, Distrito El Espino, Ciudad Merliot.

Antiguo Cuscatlán La Libertad, El Salvador, Centroamérica

(503) 2248-8800 and (503) 2248-8866


Open to the public Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm