Legal warnings on the use of this Portal

The information provided in this site is subject to a release of liability clause, warning on material reproduction and informative services.

Clause of Liability Release

With this Portal (www.sica.int/sgsica/index_en.aspx), the General Secretariat System of Central American integration (SG-SICA) tries to foment the free access to theSG-SICA information related to the activities, initiatives and policies. The SG-SICA will guarantee an updated and accuracy information and it will try to correct the found and notified errors. However, the SG-SICA does not assume responsibility for the information included in this page, for the following reason:

  • The information is general and it does not approach specific circumstances relative to concrete people or organisms.
  • It does not present necessarily exhaustive, completed, accuracy and updated information.
  • In some cases it contains links to external sites on which the SG-SICA does not have any control, in these situations the SG-SICA is discharged of liability.

Take in account that it cannot be guaranteed 100% that a document available on line reproduces exactly an officially adopted text.

It has been tried to reduce to the minimum the problems caused by technical errors. However, some data or information contained in our pages could be created or be structured in files or formats that could present errors, reason why it is not possible to guarantee that the service is not interrupted or affected of any other way by such problems. The SG-SICA does not assume liability for the problems caused by consulting these pages or other external pages.

The SG-SICA does not take responsibility for the improper use of the content of this website made by users, neither the information transferred through these to third parties.

The contents provided in this website are merely informative, reason why the use of them are under the user responsibility, as well the consequences, damages and harm that may arise through access to and use of the website are of the exclusive responsibility of the user.

The SG-SICA reserves the right to take legal action as appropriate against those users that have made improper use of the contents of its website.

The SG-SICA does not take any liability for the recommended link sites, because they are not under the SG-SICA control, neither for the domain changes that could cause the access to pages with non desired, unsuitable or offensive contents.

Also, the absence of virus in the services and contents of the web page is not guaranteed, even if the services are provided directly or by third parties, including the connections through links, reason why the SG-SICA will not be responsible for the damages and harms caused by the existence of these virus.

The present clause of liability discharge does not intend to limit the liability of the SG-SICA in an opposite manner to the applicable national norms, nor to exclude its responsibility in the cases in which it can not be excluded according to the this norms.

Warning on the reproduction of available materials.

The SG-SICA authorizes the reproduction of the available materials as long as the originate source is mentioned, unless the opposite is indicated. In those cases in which a previous authorization is necessary for the reproduction (books, bulletins and publications in general) or the use of textual data or multimedia (sounds, images, programs, etc.), this authorization will cancel the general authorization mentioned before and it will mention clearly the possible restrictions of use.

Warning on informative services and communication.

The SG-SICA will only reveal information to third parties by previous justification of the uses of the asked information and it reserves the right of answer those e-mails sent to this website, including the following:

  • Ask for information that is not direct competition of the SG-SICA.
  • Included questions that endanger the security of the regional subjects
  • Information that goes against the privacy of the system employees.

It is clarified that this program does not offer professional and legal consulting, if this kind of consulting is needed, it is recommended to consult a professional properly qualified.

The SG-SICA reserves the right to modify contents, presentation and configuration of use and presentation of this website without previous notification.

The documents in this portal are unofficial translations of the General Secretariat of the SICA. The original documents were signed in the Spanish version.