Wednesday, June 25, 2014
Diminutive Central America surrounded by giants, but at the same time enormous Central America!! You´re just a small strip that joins two colossi, North and South America, and you are the gate that permits the Pacific and Atlantic oceans to join, but concentrated in the narrow territory are massive amounts of natural beauty, symbolism, cultures, traditions, languages??, values, contrasts, blends, a heritage of humanity, and a unique people that oxygenates your veins. You carry a huge burden of history on your back and a blessed future in your womb, even with much to discover.

In your lands liberators and men of a unifying consciousness have been born that have offered their lives on your behalf. Wise and brave men who searched to preserve peace, justice, and brotherhood among their people; poets, writers, and eminent teachers have proliferated in your life. Men and women mischievously managed to overcome adversity and dark moments; whole civilizations covered your valleys and rugged mountains and managed to endure for ages showing their wealth and ancestral customs, and now despite the passage of time still populate your land, living with this past and projecting the future; on your Caribbean coast populations were gestated with tropical flavor and embodied ways of life that extend your cultural heritage and distinguish you. Best of all, you continue being born, continue proliferating, continue populating, and continue gestating.

Central America you magnify your people and exalt them with your spirit!

Central America, the land of diverse and unique fauna and flora, many of which are still hidden, you enjoy an astonishing natural corridor that is refuge to virgin wildlife, still an arcane for the world. Your forests are adorned with heavenly birds like the fragile quetzal, symbol of freedom that inspires us, torogoces with their long plumage that protect your canyons, colorful toucans hopping from branch to branch, from tiny hummingbirds incessantly flapping their wings and elevating their view to see the wings of predatory eagles. You can admire restless flitting butterflies resembling a vibrant rainbow in your tickets and tours of your body my beloved Central America, where you can find rare species such as tapirs and howler monkeys that break the silence of the dark night of the mountain and many, many more varieties.

Your beautiful flowers, overwhelming reverie for their delicacy and their simple naturalness, your orchids, the predominant purple, white and black, present in some of your paths, and more flowers such as the Sacuanjoche and the Izote.

Central America mine, our Central America, the world´s Central America, land of volcanoes the sight cheered us and with his roaring yawning and waking and even more when shaken. Beautiful and great lakes, ones that seem to adorn your space seas, islands and islets fantasies create sublime human candor. Monumental works of outstanding value to humanity have been erected on your ground, some created by the native civilizations that preceded us, fertilized during the colonial era and more contemporary. Thousands of specimens of fish and seafood.... provide support to the body and soul of people. When we contemplate let your admirable charms adorning your marine waters and coral reefs. Much that live in Central America!

Your soil germinates hundreds of exotic fruit flavors that we seek to know and delight the most discerning palates. Your aroma, a pleasant coffee aroma floats in our countryside and our cities, mesmerizing our senses and eclipsing any other fragrance that will compete. Ah, Central America Mine, our Central America, the world´s Central America, words fail me to express my overflowing joy of being part of your life, to belong to you forever and always.

Central America, you are one body and you are a whole. The borders are an invention of man, not nature, we live under one roof, we are the same blood, we breathe the same air, and we are linked by common aspirations. I long for the day when the brotherhood is not deprived any unreasonable interest, and there are no dividing lines within your own being.

This is my Central America, Central America mine, our Central America, the world’s Central America. A land in which even strangers want to live.

My greatest desire is that now, tomorrow, and forever we can shout swollen with pride: I´m a Central American!!!

Omar Orozco

Boletín Informativo de la Secretaría General del SICA