The Communications Department of MITUR-CORSATUR presented the “Centroamérica” Brand, which promotes the integration of the image and promotional efforts of the 7 countries of the Isthm at the international level.

The integration of Central America into one single brand is aimed at positioning and selling the region as a tourist destination to major international markets, mainly Europe and Asia. The “Centroamérica” Brand is complemented by the slogan “so small…so big”, which transmits in one phrase the concept of a relatively small region in size, but with an infinite cultural, ecological, anthropological and historica wealth.

The countries that are part of the Central American region are: Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama that altogether comprise a region of 522 thousand 378.3 square kilometers, offering tourists a unique multi destination concept with a series of multicultural products. Firmly positioned Tourist Routes like the Rout of Colonial Cities and Volcanoes and the Route of the Central American World Heritage that are a demonstration of the tourist and cultural strength offered by the region.

Tourists are more attracted by “several countries /destinations” in one same trip, so that with just one “Centroamérica” brand they receive greater diversity and different products. Additionally, the scales of economy are also taken advantage of. Besides, the promotion and the national brand of each individual country are reinforced and the convergency between both brands is perceived as an added value.

Boletín Informativo de la Secretaría General del SICA