Belize assumes Presidency Pro Tempore of SICA s

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, June 27, 2014. The Dominican Republic, through its president, Danilo Medina, performed the official handover of the Presidency Pro Tempore (PPT) of the Central American Integration System (SICA) to Belize, through its Prime Minister, Dean Barrow. The Central American country will exercise that role from July to December 2014.

Upon transferring the post in charge of the body, Danilo Medina, thanked his governmental teams that made the management of the PPT possible during the last semester. Also there accompanying him was the former Secretary General of the system, Hugo Martinez.

For his part, the Prime Minister said his nation was pleased to be able to perform this function and reiterated the commitment to continue and develop, in the best possible way, with the regional agenda already in place. To do this, he explained that two meetings designed to make sure that the work and progress is accelerated with this exchange will soon be held.

Furthermore, Mr. Barrow said: "I think it is clear, and it is a fact that more and more the whole world knows that the SICA countries are well above their weight, and it is certain that SICA will continue to strengthen, it will remain strong and triumphant.”

During the meeting, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, and the Dominican Republic, through their leaders, said they would provide the necessary support to Belize, to assume leadership of the system.

The Presidency Pro Tempore of SICA is a function exercised by a Member State, jointly between governments and bodies and institutions of the System for the continued development of the Agenda of Regional Integration, for a period of six months, in order of rotation set. This function is exercised in all the bodies of SICA.

Boletín Informativo de la Secretaría General del SICA