Symbols of the Central American Integration System

Below is the Resolution that defines the symbols that represent the Central American Integration System.


The Meeting of Central American Presidents of the Central American Integration System (SICA):


Articles 1, 2, 3, 15 and 34 of the Protocol of Tegucigalpa;


That the Central American Integration System (SICA) is the new Central American sub-regional organization that has succeeded the Organization of Central American States (ODECA) with the purposes and principles stated in the Protocol of Tegucigalpa of December 13, 1991;

That it is necessary to symbolically express to the people the new institutional reality that has been initiated with the sub-regional organization created as "Central American Integration System" (SICA) that intends to create in Central America a region of peace, liberty, democracy and development, mainly based on human rights observance, respect and promotion;

That the XIII Meeting of Central American Presidents, through Resolution No. 2, learned and approved the system scheme or graphic representation of the Central American Integration System (SICA) which has guided the coordination of the regional institutions, according to the provisions of the Protocol of Tegucigalpa.


1°. Adopt SICA system scheme as the official logotype of the Central American Integration System, as described below.

2°. Adopt a piece of fabric with SICA emblem in the center as the flag of the Central American Integration System only with its name and acronym; the words Paz, Libertad, Democracia y Desarrollo (Peace, Liberty, Democracy and Development); the map of the signatory countries of the Protocol of Tegucigalpa; the Integration Sub-Systems, and the colors indicated in the annex to this resolution.

3°. With the purpose of ennobling and dignifying the integrationist spirit and promoting awareness of Central American unity and solidarity, SICA regional organizations and institutions will raise the flag of the Central American Integration System during regional meetings, activities and acts of economic, social, cultural or political nature. It is recommended to the Member States to raise SICA flag along with their National Flag in said Central American events and on other dates in which the States may deem it convenient.

4°. Commend SICA Secretariat General (SG-SICA), with the cooperation of all the regional bodies and institutions, the necessary measures for the general dissemination of this Resolution and SICA symbols among the population of all the Central American States, especially among the educational institutions of the region.

5°. The present Resolution shall be delivered and recorded in the General Secretariat of the Central American Integration System.

Given in the city of San Salvador , Republic of El Salvador, October twenty-seven, 1993.

The flag has navy blue background with SICA emblem in the center, the spheres do not have any name or acronym, the black spheres symbolize the four Systems, the words PAZ (PEACE), LIBERTAD (LIBERTY), DEMOCRACIA (DEMOCRACY) and DESARROLLO (DEVELOPMENT) written in black encircle the emblem. These colors were used in ODECA symbols; blue symbolizes unity, white symbolizes peace in the region, and green represents the natural resources.

El Salvador

Coat of Arms
The coat of arms comprises an external circle in gold color with the words SISTEMA DE LA INTEGRACIÓN CENTROAMERICANA (CENTRAL AMERICAN SYSTEM INTEGRATION) and the SICA acronym in the lower part. These words encircle a round area in green that contains SICA scheme.

The map of the Central American Isthmus in blue is on the scheme on a green background; the concentric circles are in gold color. A partial silhouette of a white circular area in the center of this scheme, surrounded by green and behind a blue map.

Spherical golden figures of various sizes in which the acronyms are written, on the concentric circles.

The four biggest spheres located at the cardinal points symbolize the sub-systems of the economic, social, cultural and political integration; the medium-size spheres linearly interconnected symbolize SICA bodies; and the smallest spheres near the outer concentric circles symbolize the regional institutional organization and their interrelation. The coat of arms is encircled by the words written in golden letters: PAZ, DEMOCRACIA, DESARROLLO Y LIBERTAD (PEACE, DEMOCRACY, DEVELOPMENT, AND LIBERTY).

El Salvador

   La Granadera

Agreement No. 53
Manuel Villacorta Vielmann
Secretary General of the Organization of American States

That for the official and solemn acts of the Organization of Central American States it is essential to have an anthem to jointly honor the national flags of the Central American Isthmus and ODECA flag;

In the exercise of its powers,


To adopt "La Granadera" as the Anthem of the Organization of Central American States - ODECA.
The present agreement has immediate effect.
Given in San Salvador , on June 22, 1971.- Publish it.

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