Republic of El Salvador
Culture and Communication

Without any doubt, tortilla is an important component of the daily staple of this country. Its preparation is common to the region.

Other dishes are tamales filled with chicken, duck or pork, beans, “izote” flowers, green beans, “chipilín” leaves accompanied by a sauce. Tamales are prepared for special occasions such as weddings, baptisms, wakes or traditional religious celebrations such as patron saint's days, “Cofradías” (brotherhoods), Lent and Christmas.

Other traditional dishes are sausages; fried and boiled yucca; pupusas stuffed with pork, cheese and “loroco”; deep-fried meat or vegetable corn pies; “casamiento” (a mix of fried rice and whole beans), "arroz negrito" ("black rice”, fried rice boiled in bean soup) and baked turkey.

The Media
The main newspapers are: