Republic of China


There are 29 mountain sites and 12 lakes and natural reserves to practice mountain climbing, kayaking, bird observation, water skiing, fishing, etc.

The island has excellent beaches for a variety of activities. There are also private beaches with paid admission, offering aquatic activities.

Scuba diving
Snorkeling and scuba diving can be practiced in several spots. There is a wide variety of tropical fish and curious coral formations.

There are 37 golf courses.

Incentives, conventions and meetings
There are 43 fully equipped centers.

Religious tourism
In addition to the many temples, there are two religious centers receiving the numerous visitors from Asia.

Taiwan is a tourist destination with great potential. The subtropical island has a widely diversified offer: beaches, mountains, temples, one of the best Chinese art collections of the world, excellent cuisine. But tourism development has not been a priority for the authorities of the country, who are more focused on industrial and manufacturing development.

The new government intends to change this situation increasing the foreign promotion to break the barrier of 2.5 million tourists, most of them from Japan, who visit the island every year.

Without any doubt, there are sufficient products to compete with the main destinations of the region such as Hong Kong, Thailand or Singapore.

The Taiwan Tourism Bureau, responsible for the tourism policy of the island, intends to increase the current foreign promotion budget of 6.3 million dollars and involve hoteliers, travel agents, airlines and tourist companies in the same manner as its competitors in Thailand , Malaysia and Singapore.
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