Republic of China


Insular state of East Asia on the Pacific Ocean, in front of the coast of the People's Republic of China. It is formed by the island of the same name (also known as Formosa), the Penghu archipelago and Matsu and Quemoy islands, in addition to other seventy small islands.

The Taiwan island is situated 200 kilometers southeast of mainland China, separated by the Taiwan Strait. It is separated from the Chinese coastline to the West by the strait of the same name, between the Western China Sea to the North, the Pacific Ocean to the East, and the Meridian China Sea to the West.

Taiwan's climate is subtropical and temperate. The average temperature in the north is 22°C and in the south is 24.5°C. The summer is between May and October and the winter is moderate from December to February. The rainfall is abundant (more than 2,500 mm per year).