Republic of China

Its people

The population is made up of three big groups: the Taiwanese (approximately 84%), formed by the descendents of the Chinese who emigrated from the provinces of Fujian and Guangdong in the 18th and 19th centuries; the Chinese (approximately 14%), who moved to the island by the end of the II World War (1939-1945); and the indigenous people (2%), who may be descendents of peoples from the Philippines and Indonesia. The society has been traditionally agrarian, but by the end of 1980, only 15% of the active population was dedicated to agriculture.

The population (according to the 2005 estimates) was 22,894,384 inhabitants, with an average density of 710 inhab./km². The great majority lives in the coastal plains of the western part of the island. 75% of the population lives in cities.

The official language is Mandarin Chinese and other Chinese languages such as Taiwanese and Hakka are also spoken. The indigenous people speak 9 dialects of the Malayan-Polynesian language group.