EEP Projects

During the EEP’s 11 years of operation, a total of 279 projects were supported, including demonstrative pilot projects and feasibility studies; in SICA’s member countries a total of 39 small hydroelectric power plants were built; and we installed 188 biodigesters; 2,843 photovoltaic panels; 655 solar collectors and also 5,215 efficient stoves were built, among others. With these projects more than 38,000 families and 248 businesses and institutions, were benefited; contributing in this way to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases by more than 36,000 tons of CO2 annually. The developers of these projects were mainly private sector companies, producers’ cooperatives, NGOs, universities and public institutions; which allowed us to expand the number and diversity of beneficiaries, reaching rural communities, indigenous peoples, farmers, artisans, agribusiness companies, schools, hospitals, micro and small businesses and vulnerable populations including women, youth and children.

The main technologies and activities supported by EEP are:

Projects by Country

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