Hydroelectric Energy

One of the major renewable energy resources of Central America to supply the demand for electricity is the water resource. Aware of this potential, the Partnership has supported numerous projects through feasibility studies and providing equipment for mini and small hydro projects (plants with outputs ranging from 30 to 200 kW) located in isolated areas; as well as, other projects considered small to medium size (between 0.5 to 25 MW). With the contribution of the seed money provided by the EEP, the beneficiaries mainly achieved the following aspects: promote investment in the construction of hydroelectric power plants; support the organization systems of the rural communities to develop their rates standards and payment schemes for network maintenance, equipment replacement, payment of operative personnel, among others; access to electricity for productive uses, educational and entertainment in remote communities; as well as the cost savings by replacing polluting fossil fuels and the promotion of the sustainable development.

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