Components of the EEP

Next there is description of the Components of the Energy and Environment Partnership with Central America and their corresponding objectives.

Component 1
Removal of legal and institutional barriers hindering more participation of renewable energy at low scale in the region.

To Integrate the renewable energies into the regional and national policies of social, economic and environmental development; with the purpose of contribute to the removal of legal and institutional barriers, which limit the development of renewable energies in Central America, in the short and medium term.

Component 2
Promotion and strengthening of renewable energy development in the emerging markets of electric power, as well as the rational use of bioenergy resources.

To design and fortify strategies of marketing that instigate the financing, development and consolidation of renewable energy projects for the generation of electrical energy and the efficient use of bioenergy.

Component 3
Strengthening human resource and institutional capacity in renewable energy issues.

To create training programs to allow the strengthening of the human resource and the institutional capacity, these programs will be developed with the participation of the local governments and they will be presented by specialized consultants in each area. Two areas have been identified: financial engineering and technical engineering.

Component 4
Development, dissemination and implementation of sustainable demonstrative projects on the appropriate use of renewable energies.

To support the development of sustainable demonstrative projects, consolidating the emergent market of the renewable energies.

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