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Central American Secretariat for Economic Integration - SIECA
Constitutive agreement
SIECA was created by the General Treaty of Central American Integration signed in Managua, Nicaragua, on December 13, 1960. According to Article XXIII of this instrument, SIECA has legal status and its headquarters is in Guatemala City, Republic of Guatemala.

The highest authority is the Council of Ministers based on the Protocol of Tegucigalpa and is made up by the ministers in charge of economic integration affairs (Ministers of Economy). According to the Protocol of Guatemala, the superior body is formed by the economy authorities of each State, and therefore, it will also be called Central American Economic Cabinet. SIECA is under the responsibility of a Secretary General appointed by the Council of Ministers for Economic Integration.

According to Article 44 of the Protocol of Guatemala, SIECA is in charge of: -Ensuring the correct application of such Protocol and other legal instruments for economic integration at the regional level. -Ensuring the implementation of the decisions of the bodies of the Economic Integration Sub-System. -Conducting the works and studies that the bodies of the Economic Integration Sub-System may entrust it with. -Complying with the functions assigned by the Council of Ministers for Economic Integration or its Executive Committee; and -Exercising its capacity for proposal in economic integration matters.


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4a. Av. 10-25 zona 14, P.O. Box 1237, Guatemala 01901


(502)-2368-2151 to 54

(502) 2368 -1071 and 2337-3750

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