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General Secretariat of Central American Education and Cultural Coordination - SGCECC
Constitutive agreement
It was created in 1975 as the Central American Executive Coordination (CEC) to provide a joint work system for the Ministers of Education. It operated until 1982 when the Constitutive agreement of the Central American Education and Cultural Coordination (CECC) was signed. However, it was not until 1994 that the organization was activated as a consequence of a full restructuring process.

The highest authority is the Meeting of Ministers of Education and Culture of the member countries. The following are also part of the coordination: The General Secretariat, the Technical Commissions and the National Commissions.

-Cooperation among ministries, universities and other educational institutions. -Development of multilateral and national research programs. -Conservation of the Cultural Heritage. -Grant scholarships and facilitate student exchanges. -Promotion of information-sharing. -Common publications. -Support the reciprocal protection of copyrights. -Promote the implementation of cultural heritage inventories.

Educación y Cultura

Office address
400 metros Este y 25 metros Norte de la Iglesia Santa Teresita en Barrio Escalante, San José, Costa Rica.

Costa Rica

(506) 2283-7630 , (506)2283-7629 , (506)2283-7719

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