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Executive Secretariat of the Central American Agricultural Council - SCAC
Constitutive agreement
Even though the Central American Agricultural Council was recognized by the regional institutions since July 1991 (X Presidential Summit), the Council and its General Secretariat were granted legal status by the Protocol of Guatemala (Reforms to the Central American Integration Treaty). Such Protocol came into force on August 16, 1995.

In order to carry out its duties, the Central American Agricultural Council is made up by the following regional authorities: the Council of Ministers of Agriculture, the Committee of Vice Ministers of Agriculture, the Regional Technical Commission and the General Secretariat.

-Define and execute the Central American Agricultural Agenda on an annual basis. -Ensure the coordinated execution of the decisions adopted by the Meetings of Presidents in connection with the sector. -Define policy guidelines conducive to an efficient participation of the sector in the development of the Central American Integration System. -Coordinate intersectorial actions with other regional authorities of the Central American Integration System (SICA) and the Economic Integration Sub-System in charge of the economic or social sectors interrelated with the agricultural sector. -Define joint positions with the purpose of obtaining better conditions for the Central American agricultural products in the international markets as well as adopt the necessary measures to organize the intra-regional free trade of these products in coordination with the Ministers in charge of Foreign Commerce. -Make efforts so that the market price system becomes a clear stimulus for an increase in production, efficient production, development of comparative advantages and complementary supply of agricultural products among member countries. -Promote and facilitate the integration of the Central American countries through the analysis, search and application of joint solutions to sectorial development problems. -Adopt measures to promote the transfer to the Central American countries of the scientific and technological progress made by other countries inside and outside the Latin American region. -Design and execute a Central American Agricultural Policy that promotes the modernization and restructuring of the productive system for improved efficiency and competitiveness. -Adopt convergent strategies for the better use of human resources through technological training in connection with the commercial openness and productive transformation promoted by the region. -Develop community programs to value and protect the natural resources of the region within the framework of a sustainable development strategy. -Take the necessary steps to obtain technical and financial cooperation from regional and international cooperation agencies and organizations to execute multinational priority projects for the development of the sector at the regional level.


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