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Executive Secretariat of the Central American Monetary Council - SECMCA
Constitutive agreement
Article 50 of the Protocol of Guatemala grants legal status to this organization with headquarters in San Jose, Costa Rica.

The highest authority is the Central American Monetary Council made up by the Presidents of the five Central American Central Banks and the Governor of the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic. The Executive Secretary and the Deputy Secretary are SECMCA representatives. They are currently appointed by CMCA by consensus, for four-year terms, and cannot be re-elected. Nationals of different nationalities may serve in these positions subject to country rotation.

The Executive Secretariat of CMCA (SECMCA) will address the technical and administrative matters of the Council and serve as regular communication channel. Its functions are: Promote and execute the necessary actions aimed at gradual monetary and financial integration: Coordination, harmonization and convergence or unification of the monetary, foreign exchange, credit and financial policies. Its scope of action is: Unrestricted liberty of payment and form of payment; use of national currencies in intra-regional payments and free negotiation; free capital transfer and capital market development and strengthening; financial movements of speculative nature; international monetary relations and financial cooperation with other regional and international entities.


Office address
400 mts sur oeste de la rotonda de la Bandera Barrio Dent, Contiguo al BANHVI, San José, Costa Rica.

Costa Rica

(506) 280 9522

(506), 280 2511, 524 1062 and 524 1063

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