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Meeting of Presidents
Constitutive agreement
Protocol of Tegucigalpa to the Charter of the Organization of Central American States (ODECA).

The Meeting of Presidents is the supreme organ of the Central American Integration System. It consists of the constitutional Presidents of the Member States. The Meeting will normally be held every six months and exceptionally, at the request of the Presidents.

The Meeting of Presidents will address regional matters requiring decisions regarding democracy, development, liberty, peace and security. The Meeting of Presidents will particularly: a) Define and direct Central American policy by establishes guidelines for regional integration as well as the provisions necessary to guarantee the coordination and harmonization of the activities of the bodies and institutions of the area and the verification, control and follow-up of its mandates and decisions. b) Harmonize the foreign policies of its States. c) Strengthen regional identity as part of the ongoing process of consolidating a united Central America. d) Approve, as the case may be, amendments to this instrument in accordance with the provisions of Article 37 thereof. e) Ensure fulfillment of the obligations contained in the present instrument and other Agreements, Conventions and Protocols that constitute the legal order of the Central American Integration System. f) Decide on the admission of new members to the Central American Integration System.




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