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Trinational Commission for the Trifinio Plan - CTPT
Constitutive agreement
During 1997 and 1998, the governments of the republics of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras signed the Treaty for the Execution of the Trifinio Plan ratified by the Legislative Assembly of El Salvador, the Congress of Guatemala and the Congress of Honduras. The Treaty sets the limits of the Trifinio Region and defines it as “an indivisible ecological unit”; establishes that the Trinational Commission is the institution in charge of supervising the execution of the Trifinio Plan and its periodical updates; and grants financial and technical autonomy and legal status.

The highest authority of the institution is represented by the Vice Presidents of the Republics of Guatemala and El Salvador and one of the President-Designates of the Republic of Honduras. In order to comply with its functions, the Trinational Commission has created a Trinational Executive Secretariat and a Consultative Committee as well as the Trinational Technical Units that may deem convenient for the development of each components of the Plan. In accordance with the Treaty, the Commission has the support of the Ministries, State Departments and governmental institutions and authorities addressing the programs, sub-programs, projects and actions implemented within the framework of the Trifinio Plan.

a) Operate as a permanent coordination and consultative body for the definition of policies and the correct orientation of the programs, sub-programs and projects included in the Trifinio Plan. b) Function as a forum to analyze the sustainable development problems of the Trifinio Region and propose solutions to the relevant authorities through joint actions. c) Approve the Trifinio Plan updates. d) Promote and accept technical and financial cooperation for the execution of the trinational projects and initiatives.

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