Regional directory

Council of Ministers for Foreign Affairs
Constitutive agreement
Protocol of Tegucigalpa to the Charter of the Organization of Central American States (ODECA).

The Council of Ministers is made up by the relevant Ministers, and extraordinarily, by a duly authorized Vice Minister. The relevant Minister of the Member State, who is the Spokesperson of Central American according to Article 14 of the present Protocol, will chair the Council of Ministers in the current six-month period.

The Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs is responsible for the democratization process, peacemaking, regional security and other political matters, as well as the coordination and follow-up in concerning political decisions and measures of economic, social and cultural nature that may have international repercussions. It is also responsible for approving the budget of the central organization, drawing up the agenda and making preparations for the Meetings of Presidents, representing the region before the international community, implementing the decisions of the Presidents regarding regional international policy, issuing recommendations on the admission of new members and observers to the Central American Integration System. The Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs will hear the proposals of the various Ministerial Forums in order to bring them to the Meeting of Presidents with its observations and recommendations.




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