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SICA Executive Committee - CE-SICA
Constitutive agreement
Protocol of Tegucigalpa to the Charter of the Organization of Central American States (ODECA).

The Executive Committee consists of a representative of each Member State. They will be appointed by their Presidents through the Ministers of Foreign Affairs. The Executive Committee will be chaired by the representative of the host country where the last Regular Meeting of Presidents was held.

The Executive Committee will have the following functions: a) Ensure, through the General Secretariat, the efficient execution of the decisions adopted in the Meetings of Presidents. b) Ensure compliance with the provisions of the present Protocol and its supplementary instruments or acts pursuant to. c) Establish sectorial policies and submit through its chairman, to the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs, the proposals that may deem necessary according to the general guidelines of the Meetings of Presidents. d) Submit through its chairman to the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs, the Draft Budget of the central organization of the Central American Integration System. e) Propose to the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs the establishment of the subsidiary body secretariats that may deem convenient for effective compliance with the objectives of the Central American Integration System, especially to allow the participation of all the sectors involved with the comprehensive development of the region and global integration process. f) Approve the Regulations and Instruments prepared by the Secretariats and other Secretariat bodies of the Central American Integration System. g) Review the six-month reports of activities of the General Secretariat and other Secretariats and send them with the observations and recommendations of the relevant Councils of Ministers to the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs at least one month before the last meeting prior to the Meeting of Presidents, so that such council submits it in that Meeting. h) All other functions conferred by the Protocol of Tegucigalpa and related or supplementary instruments.




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