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Central American Isthmus Council of Sports and Recreation - CODICADER
Constitutive agreement
The inter-governmental Constitutive agreement was signed in Guatemala by the official representatives of the sports and recreation state agencies of Central America on October 6, 1992.

Objectives: -Contribute to strengthening integration, solidarity and peace among the Central American peoples through sports, physical activity and recreation. -Promote and obtain cooperation for the development of sports, physical activity and recreation. -Collaborate with the member countries so that their sports state agencies carry out an adequate function ensuring equal opportunities to practice sports, physical activity and recreation. -Promote the development of sports activities aimed at improving the performance and increasing the number of athletes. -Officially represent the interests of the region and its members in sports-related matters. -Promote sports exchanges and the execution of horizontal cooperation programs among the Member States and between them and other States and with sports and international cooperation agencies. -Foster the exchange of documentation relating to sports activities and the development of an information system. -Promote and hold regional meetings regarding sports topics of interest to the region and the dissemination of the benefits of practicing sports at the local and regional level. -Support the physical education plans and programs in the isthmus and promote the implementation of programs aiming at increasing athlete performance. -Promote sports exchanges among countries and disseminate the progress made in this field. -Promote the training of athletes, coaches, professionals and leaders through exchange programs. -Encourage and support scientific research and technology relating to sports, physical activity and recreation. -Urge the governments of the isthmus to issue regulations or provisions aimed at facilitating areas to practice sports and recreation in urban and rural areas. -Ensure the construction of modern sports facilities and buildings, the repair and maintenance of the existing ones and their compliance with the technical and security requirements.

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Ministry of Culture, Arts and Sports; Contiguo a Migración, Tegucigalpa, Honduras.


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