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Coordination Center for Natural Disaster Prevention in Central America - CEPREDENAC
Constitutive agreement
The Coordination Center for Natural Disaster Prevention in Central America (CEPREDENAC) was created by Constitutive Agreement signed in Guatemala City, Republic of Guatemala, on October 29, 1993, by the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. To date (year 2000), Belize and the Dominican Republic are completing their incorporation process.

The Constitutive Agreement establishes a Council of Representatives, a Board of Directors and an Executive Secretariat. The highest authority is the Council of Representatives and consists of two representatives per country: One from the emergency or civil defense organizations and one from the technical-scientific institutions specialized in disasters. Likewise, the various countries should organize National Commissions with the relevant institutions that will be responsible for the coordination of the projects at the national level.

-Promote and coordinate the international cooperation concerning emergencies: -Facilitate the sharing of experiences between the institutions and the countries of the region; -Provide technical and technological assistance in order to reduce the socio-natural disasters in the region.

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