Vinicio  Cerezo Arévalo
Secretario General

He is a lawyer and has a Master in Public Administration.

His service and commitment for peace, democracy, the development and integration of the region have earned him being called by many ¨Central America’s Ambassador¨.

He began his political career at the University and from that point on he propelled the prolonged resistance to democracy. On his journey he saw his friends and leaders die and be murdered by the repression of the governments of the time. He himself survived four assassination attempts.

In 1986 he became the first democratically elected civilian in the modern stage of democracy in Guatemala. His administration managed to establish the democracy and the institutionality still in force in the country, thus contributing to a considerable modernization of the nation. He achieved to revive the economy; with a futuristic vision he established the whole system of protected areas, in a sustainable development scheme, he is also the creator of the Maya Biosphere Reserve. It led to the recognition and inclusion of the native population in the country. The changes and transformation, in favor of the common good, which his government propelled provoked the opposition of various business and military groups that were involved in several attempted coups which the government resisted.

In his inauguration speech he called on his counterparts to seek Central American paths for peace, what would later become the Peace Agreements of Central America, Esquipulas I and II that contributed decisively in the pacification of the region and in the recent political momentum of regional integration.

He currently continues to contribute with all Latin America through the Esquipulas Foundation for Central American Integration, he is a founding member of the Latin American Presidential Mission, and is part of various circles of thought and consultative spaces of global organizations. He focuses his energy, knowledge and experience in favor of the region, peace, democracy and integration as mechanisms for equal economic and social development.
He believes in the rescue of politics and the need for a new development model that benefits from the advantages that Central America possesses and that allows to transform the face of the region forever.