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Celebration of the Special Forum on Harmonization and Alignment of Regional Cooperation for Central America.

On Wednesday May 10, 2006 the Special Meeting of the Forum on Harmonization and Alignment of Regional Cooperation for Central America was held in the city of Vienna, Austria, as a corollary of an entire work process. Leading representatives of major sources of international cooperation participated at this meeting. In representation of Central America, the meeting was attended by Deputy Secretary of External Cooperation of Nicaragua, the Directors --or their representatives-- of the offices of international cooperation of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of the region, the Executive Secretaries --or their representatives-of the institutions attached to the System of Central American Integration, representatives of regional Civil Society, the PARLACEN and the Executive Secretary of the Puebla-Panama Plan. The meeting was chaired jointly by the Secretary-General of the System of Central American integration and pro tempore by Panama with the support of the Deputy Secretary of External Cooperation of Nicaragua.

Among the most outstanding results of the meeting are:

The primary objective of this Special Forum was to present a regulatory vision of regional cooperation for which basic guidelines and an action plan have been defined for its management, as well as for guiding the process of harmonization and alignment of regional cooperation, based on an updated and consensual strategy of regional integration allowing to identify clearly thematic and sectoral priorities in regional cooperation. The guidelines were presented to the donor community, including appropriation and leadership measures that would be taken as a result of this process, which would range from strengthening the functions of planning monitoring and evaluation of international cooperation, developed fundamentally with the engagement of Central American civil society. The results of this meeting were considered as successful by representatives of the Sources of Cooperation and by the delegates from the foreign ministries and Central American regional institutions.

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