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Central American Court of Justice (CCJ)

Constitutive Agreement
The Statute of the Central American Court of Justice was signed in the XIII Summit of Central American Presidents in compliance with Article 12 of the Protocol of Tegucigalpa which establishes that the Court is part of the bodies of the Central American Integration System with the purpose of guaranteeing “respect for the law in the interpretation and execution of the present Protocol and its supplementary instruments or acts pursuant to it".

The Court is composed of two Regular Magistrates for each of the States that signed the Statute, which still remains in effect for them, and each will have a Deputy Magistrate.

The Court has a President and a Vice President who will be in office for one year.

The Court will guarantee respect for the law in the interpretation and execution of the Protocol of Tegucigalpa with amendments to the Charter of the Organization of Central American States (ODECA) and its supplementary instruments or acts pursuant to it.

The Court will have its own competence and jurisdiction with power to judge at the request of any party and to resolve with former adjudication authority, and its doctrine will be binding to all the States, bodies and organizations party to or participating in the Central American Integration System and to all legal persons.

The Court will issue the procedural ordinances and the general, operative or service regulations to determine the procedure and the way to carry out its functions but they will not contain norms that will contravene the present agreement.

The procedures anticipated in this Agreement and those to be established in the regulations and ordinances will have the objective of safeguarding the purposes and principles of the Central American Integration System, objectivity of rights, equality between the parties and guaranteeing due process.

The Court represents the national conscience of Central America and considers itself as the depository and custodian of the values that constitute the Central American Nationality. To that effect, the Magistrates will not be disqualified to exercise their functions due to any interest that the State who appointed them may have in any case or matter.

The Court will carry out its functions in a plenary meeting. It will also have the power and attributes to divide or distribute its competence and jurisdiction in chambers to hear any grievance submitted to its decision. The Chambers will issue their resolutions or decisions in one single instance.


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Office Address:
Bolonia #1804, Managua, Nicaragua


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